In Schools

DrugSAFE for Safer Schools

Schools play a significant role in shaping our children, communities and future. The DRUGSAFE Program works in partnership with school administrators by offering:


Drug Testing

The purpose of drug testing in schools is to deter students from misusing drugs, to provide early intervention and counseling for students who have started using drugs, and to identify students who are addicted and provide referral for treatment. The DrugSAFE Program provides on-campus drug testing services to meet these goals.


Assistance in policy development and implementation

Ohio law requires schools to educate students on the dangers of drug and alcohol use, and the most successful districts take it one step further by implementing a drug testing program as well. The DrugSAFE Program works with school boards and administrators to create and implement effective drug policies.


Education and awareness programs for administrators, parents and the community

The DrugSAFE Program provides education to administrators, parents and the community as a crucial tactic in preventing drugs and treating addiction.

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