Education and Awareness

Helping Good Kids Make Good Choices

The DrugSAFE Program provides education to administrators, parents and the community as a crucial tactic in preventing drug misuse and treating addiction. A list of some of the seminars we offer is below. Also visit our Resources page.


Signs and Symptoms

As educators and parents, it is crucial that we recognize the signs of substance abuse.  We need to be able to recognize if a student is struggling and approach him or her with reassurance that we are there to help. With so many synthetic drugs, prescription drugs and changing trends in narcotics, the DrugSAFE Program offers seminars to help you stay up to date on the latest drug trends and how to identify symptoms.


In this seminar, we focus on the opiate epidemic plaguing our state and our country. We discuss how it got started, where we are now and what our hope is for the future.  We also discuss what communities and schools can do to help curtail opiate use, and how to recognize the warning signs.

The legalization of medical marijuana, and how that may apply to the student body, is also addressed in this seminar.

Law Enforcement

This session addresses the legal ramifications of student use and the tendency of youth to abuse narcotics. We will hear from individuals working directly with law enforcement discussing real-life consequences to substance use and abuse.

Open Forum

This forum offers statistical data demonstrating the prevalence of narcotic use among teens, focuses on the importance of drug testing, and opens the floor to a discussion with administrators and parents alike to help answer questions and debunk myths.

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